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Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik are officially parents




Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik welcome their daughter into the world. In this article we’ll tell you what’s going on and talk about their birth announcement post. 

 Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik have had a life-changing event over the weekend, two of our faves have been one of those, on-again off-again relationships, for the past five years and while they were off last year the two reunited in december of 2019 and it looks like it’s gonna stick this time and why would I say that, well because Gigi got pregnant.

Back in april we had reported that Gigi celebrated her 25th birthday but eagle-eyed fans started to notice that this wasn’t any normal 25th birthday, obviously because it was during lockdown but also some fans suspected that the party doubled as a gender reveal party noting that the color of the strains holding the two and five balloons were blue and pink.

Now hang on how did anyone know that they were pregnant in the first place. Well TMZ reported that according to a family source Gigi was 20 weeks along, TMZ was also the one to break the news that they were having a girl and then of course some also pointed to a recipe that included alcohol Gigi had shared on her instagram where she assured fans it was made without the alcohol and then also all the eagle eye fans pointing out that Bella hadid’s instagram story pu,t you know, a little sunflower over the the gift bag that she brought to the party and also mama Yolanda with the dutch interview talking about Gigi being pregnant. 

So many signs and while all of this was not a total confirmation Gigi did make it official on april 30th when she appeared on the tonight show with jimmy fallon telling him “obviously we wish we could have announced it on our own terms but we’re very excited and happy and grateful for everyone’s well wishes and support especially during this time it’s a nice silver lining to be able to be home and be together and really experience it day by day”.

Since then we haven’t gotten a lot of baby update and it seems that is by design as Gigi was making a conscious effort to keep it all offline she explained “obviously I think a lot of people are confused why I’m not sharing more but like I’m pregnant through a pandemic like obviously my pregnancy is not the most important thing going on in the world”. She went on to say that with Covid and the black lives matter movements going on, she believed that their presence on social media should be used to bring awareness to those causes. But family and friends are still in the loop on baby news, Gigi said  “I have been taking a lot of pictures of my bump and sending it to friends and family and it’s been very cute and exciting and I’m trying to document it well, because I’ve heard a lot of people say obviously make sure you don’t miss it”.

She will be sharing that stuff in the future but she said that right now she’s not rushed to do it because she wants to experience it and apparently this pregnancy has been a great experience in august a source told enews “Zayn and Gigi are really excited and have been loving this experience together they both are reading parenting books have had fun planning the nursery and picking out items together things are going really smoothly and they are closer as a couple more than ever”.

Few weeks ago Gigi also went back to her roots by doing a baby bump photo shoot  and looking as stunning as ever in one photo she captioned “growing an angel » and in another she wrote « cherishing this time appreciate all the love and well wishes”.

And although the baby was due earlier this month it seems that she was late. Gigi reacted to a fan who tweeted Gigi’s daughter said and then a meme from princess diaries saying “a queen is never late everyone is simply early”, and this tickled Gigi as she responded to the tweet with three cry laugh emojis. 

Sure if she already had the baby when six days ago she posted photos of herself and her baby belly saying “from about 27 weeks, time flew”.

I mean it’s definitely possible that this may have been a post-birth post because over the weekend Gigi and Zayn became parents officially it’s confirmed we don’t know the exact birth date of the child yet, but yesterday was the day the two decided to announce it.

Zayn posted on twitter a photo of his hand holding their baby’s hand and saying “our baby girl is here healthy and beautiful, to try to put into words how i’m feeling right now would be an impossible task. The love I feel for this tiny human is beyond my understanding, grateful to know her, proud to call her mine and thankful for the life we will have together”.

Gigi also shared a photo of her hand with their child’s hand and saying “our girl joined us earthside this weekend and she’s already changed our world so in love”.

We are so happy for the couple, we can’t wait to see more baby photos.

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Demi Lovato SLAMS President Trump In Diss Track, ‘Commander In Chief’




Demi Lovato has a few words for President Trump, so she delivered them the way she knows best, through her music. Demi has also been clapping back at fans who are against her speaking out about her political views. We’re going to break it all down for you right here.

On Tuesday, Demi Lovato started teasing her new song called “Commander In Chief” just around 20 days before the United States election. She’s also been sharing important voting information with fans to encourage her millions of followers to use their voice and vote. When her song dropped this morning, Demi made it clear how she feels about current president, Donald Trump. The chorus in particular is a major dig at the president for how he’s handled everything from the pandemic to racial injustices.

Demi sings “Commander in Chief, honestly / If I did the things you do, I couldn’t sleep/ Seriously, do you even know the truth? / We’re in a state of crisis, people are dying / While you line your pockets deep / Commander in Chief, how does it feel to still be able to breathe?” We got chills just reading that. If you haven’t listened to Demi’s song yet, it’s a must.

But her criticism of the president didn’t stop there. In the song Demi also references things like the act of taking a knee during the National Anthem to protest police brutality. And Demi said that we will continue to use our voices and fight for what we believe in until Trump is out of office. Her lyrics continue on saying “Won’t give up, stand our ground / We’ll be in the streets while you’re bunkering down / Won’t give up, stand our ground / We’ll be in the streets while you’re… Commander in Chief.” 

Demi also announced that her music video for the song drops tonight and we can’t wait to see it. And many fans were quick to thank Demi for her powerful new song. One person called out this specific lyric, saying “‘How does it feel to still be able to breathe?’ That hit me different because I am a black Africa American Immigrant in America, it’s scary, especially when I saw the video of George Floyd […] thank you Demi for this powerful song, this is what this country needs right now. Thank you.” Another fan chimed in saying “Demi this song is so important and everyone needs to take this message and take it as a reminder that we all need to step up our game to make this world a better place and we need to vote vote vote !! Also you look so beautiful❤” And this person got emotional writing “I heard this song and started crying… She is a warrior for people who dont have a voice. We love you Demi ❤❤❤”

Finneas, who produced Demi’s new song, also took to social media to share his thoughts on the political anthem. He wrote, “I think people underestimate the bravery it takes to put out a song like this when your platform is as large as Demi’s is. But I’m sure if you asked her, she’d tell you it was her responsibility. It was an Honor to produce this one for the wildly talented Demi Lovato.” But not all of the responses to ‘Commander In Chief’ were positive.

Demi shared on her Instagram stories that she’s actually been receiving a lot of backlash from fans over this song. She shared one comment that says “I hope you realize that this makes people that don’t have the same political views feel like they can’t listen to you anymore. We could care less what you post about politics but this song is going too far especially when the majority of your family is Republican. I’m personally ashamed to be a Lovatic right now…

I really hope this doesn’t ruin your career Demetria.” And Demi shared her response to “anyone who wants to silence her.” She said, “You do understand as a celebrity, I have a right to political views as well? Or did you forget that we aren’t just around to entertain people for our entire lives. We are citizens of the same country and we are humans with opinions as well.

The difference between me and the type of artist you WANT and EXPECT me to be (but I’m sorry honey that will never BE me) I literally don’t care if this ruins my career.” Demi continued on saying “This [song] isn’t about that. My career isn’t about that. I made a piece of art that stands for something I believe in. And I’m putting it out even at the risk of losing fans. I’ll take integrity in my work over sales any day. And as much as I would like to be sad that I disappointed you, I’m too busy that you being bummed that you expect me, a queer Hispanic woman, to silence my views/beliefs in order to please my audience. I.e. your family.)”

We stan women who speak their views. And just in case you were wondering about this whole reference to “Demetria” as we saw in one of her ex’s Max Ehrich’s recent posts. Demi actually did make a comment about that. She wrote in a separate comment,  “I also don’t know when or where people decided to start calling me Demetria but unless you are @maxlea – literally no one calls me Demetria, and if you do, you’re trying too hard so calm down.”

Lol so there you have it, unless you are her security bodyguard Max, don’t call her Demetria. Just to clarify the Max she tagged is not Max Ehrich, who by the way was the one to call her “Demetria” on socials recently.

Anyway, we digress. Back to the song. And Demi stood her ground in another Instagram story shortly after where she wrote that “music is art and art is expression.” She went on to say that this is the most important election of our lives and this song isn’t about division it’s about finding answers from our current president. So she is encouraging her fans to debate with one another and talk about the importance of voting. 

And as a Lovatic ourselves, we feel like it’s our duty now to remind you all to check and make sure you’re registered to vote. Get the group chat going and make sure your friends are all registered as well!

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Celebs Slam ‘TRUMP’ President For Downplaying Covid-19 Infection!




Donald Trump

Celebs are speaking out and criticizing President Trump for downplaying his  COVID-19 infection after leaving the hospital. The past few days have been a whirlwind  since Donald Trump’s COVID diagnosis.

Last week, Donald Trump announced that he and  his wife Melania tested positive for coronavirus. Then, over the weekend, Trump was taken to Walter  Reed Medical Center for treatment and observation. And despite his diagnosis of  the highly contagious virus, Trump still went for a car ride  on Sunday to wave to supporters. This left many people concerned about the  secret service members riding alongside him. But then, on Monday, October 5th, he announced  that he was leaving the hospital and returning to the White House, where he’d be  exposing himself to a lot more people.

He tweeted saying, “I will be leaving the  great Walter Reed Medical Center today at 6:30 P.M. Feeling really good! Don’t be afraid  of Covid. Don’t let it dominate your life. We have developed, under the Trump Administration, some really great drugs & knowledge. I feel better than I did 20 years ago!” He proceeded to go back to the White House  and take his mask off around a camera crew, again, despite only being  diagnosed a few days ago. 

Celebs were quick to react to the “tone deaf” and “dangerous” way Trump has handled  his diagnosis, especially his tweets. #TrumpIsANationalDisgrace quickly started trending on Twitter and  many stars chimed in on this conversation. Mandy Moore wrote, “Don’t be afraid of covid?

Tell that to the 210,000 families who have lost loved ones. To the Black, Brown and Indigenous folks disproportionately  affected. With tens of millions of jobs lost and the economy tanked. Many of us isolated  for months. You’re the cruelest. #votehimout”. Patton Oswalt said, “Absolutely insane and evil. This will get people killed. It will directly lead to people’s deaths. We’re living  in a body horror film where the mutation wins.” Ava DuVernay Tweeted saying, “Don’t be afraid of Covid”  he dares say to those of us who have lost loved ones to Covid. This man is evil.” 

Colin Hanks, who’s father Tom Hanks had COVID, wrote “Today, while on a cocktail of drugs he has told people not to be afraid of COVID, while also calling for an “Army for Trump” to “fight” for him at polling stations. THIS IS NOT ALRIGHT. THIS IS NOT NORMAL.

THIS IS  NOT HEALTHY. THIS IS SO INCREDIBLY DANGEROUS.” And Captain America himself, Chris Evans  tweeted, “Don’t be afraid of Covid?! You’ve been under round-the-clock care  by the best doctors using the best drugs.

Do you really think everyone has access to that?!  Sadly, I’m sure you’re aware of that disparity, you just don’t care This is reckless  to a shocking degree, even for you”

But celebs didn’t only post tweets  about Trump’s coronavirus statements. Some got on camera and spoke to Trump directly  about how problematic his reaction has been. CNN’s Chris Cuomo actually refused to play  the clip of Trump speaking about COVID, calling it “propaganda.”

He said, “Just propaganda, that’s all it  is. I know there’s sound to it, I’m not gonna play it for you. Why shouldI? How much bulls**t do you need in your life?” 

Chris also spoke in detail about why the way Trump  has handled his diagnosis has been so upsetting. “Don’t be afraid of Covid? 10,000 have died in the last 13 days. Don’t be afraid of Covid? It just took down the most powerful and  protected person in the world.

He had to go to the hospital. His continued recklessness makes it impossible to be sympathetic.” Chris went on to call out Trump for denying Americans the same level of care he had in fighting the infection. 

But Chris wasn’t the only one to  get on camera and talk about Trump. Amanda Kloots, who famously lost her 41 year old  husband Broadway actor Nick Cordero to COVID, also spoke out in a series  of heartbreaking Instagram stories. Amanda criticized Trump for telling people to “not let COVID dominate their lives.” She said in tears, “No one is letting it. Nick didn’t let it. It wasn’t a choice. And it dominated his life.

It dominated my life. It dominated our families lives for 95 days. And because he didn’t make  it it will forever affect my life.” Amanda went on and spoke to Trump directly asking  him to have some empathy for families like hers dealing with the 215,000 American deaths at the hands of this virus.

“It’s beyond hurtful and and have some empathy. Why are you bragging? Have empathy to the Americans. You are our leader. Have some empathy to the people who are suffering and grieving.” 

Since all of these celebrities have been  calling out Donald Trump, Facebook actually removed a false post from Trump where he  said that the flu is deadlier than COVID. And Twitter limited the post writing, “This Tweet violated the Twitter Rules about spreading misleading and potentially harmful information related to COVID-19.” Asset: screenshot of Trump’s tweet. 

And what better time than now to remind you  all to make sure you’re registered to vote. The election is less than 30 days  away and I can’t emphasize enough how important it is that we all vote and make our voices heard. Get the group chat going and make sure that you and your friends all have a plan to cast your ballots whether that’s by mail, voting early, or on election day.

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Rihanna Apologizes For Offending Muslims In Savage X Fenty Show!





Rihanna has issued an apology after her Savage X Fenty “Volume 2” fashion show sparked outrage among her fanbase for using Islam as an ‘aesthetic’. 

Millions of fans, including me, were eager to tune into Rihanna’s second annual Savage X Fenty fashion show that streamed on Amazon Prime Friday, October 2nd, as last year’s show was highly praised for its body inclusivity and diversity. But when tuning in, many were outraged to find out that one of the catwalk songs played during the show, called “Doom” by London-based producer Coucou Chloe, included a remix of sacred Islamic verses, more specifically, the use of a Hadith narration about the “end of times” and “judgement day.”

For those of you who may not know, a Hadith is a written record of the sayings, actions and silent approvals of the Prophet Mohammed and his closest companions. These scripts are considered extremely sacred to Muslims, and come secondary to the Quran in terms of textual validity and authority. In terms of this specific Hadith used in the song, one user on Twitter pointed out it was a very specific one that whoever mixed the song would’ve had to go searching for it.

The user wrote, “I think the person who created the song knew what they were doing. That is a very specific hadith. U have to go looking to find it. It’s not something non-muslims know unless they research. So the fact that the song is called ‘Doom’ & the hadith is about the end of times? @rihanna?”

Other fans were hurt, angered and upset that Rihanna would allow something so sacred to the Muslim religion be used during her show. This person tweeted, “Rihanna is messed up for using a song with a Hadith in it to play at her LINGERIE show. What is up with artists using Islam as an aesthetic?? Have some respect.” And this user wrote, “Rihanna, I used to cheer you up for everything you did, but today you disrespected my religion. I’m so hurt, you have been too far. You and the girl who made the music have to apologize for what you did, that’s the minimum you can do.”

The backlash has only intensified since Friday as fans were waiting for Rihanna to speak out on the issue, especially since the song has since been listed on the Savage x Fenty Volume 2 playlist on Amazon. 

On Monday morning, Coucou Chloe issued an apology in a series of tweets, writing, “I want to deeply apologize for the offence caused by the vocal samples used in my song ‘DOOM’. The song was created using samples from Baile Funk tracks I found online. At the time, I was not aware that these samples used text from an Islamic Hadith.” She went on to say, “I take full responsibility for the fact I did not research these words properly and want to thank those of you who have taken the time to explain this to me. We have been in the process of having the song urgently removed from all streaming platforms.”

Some continued to argue that Rihanna shouldn’t be held responsible for this, as it was her team and the show’s producers who should take responsibility, however those claims were also met with criticism as it’s Rihanna who calls the shots. One user wrote, “Rihanna is responsible for this even if she didn’t choose the music. She hired her team and she must’ve heard the songs beforehand and just because she’s Rihanna doesn’t give her a free pass to disrespect a religion.”

This clearly wasn’t an issue Rihanna could just sit back and let her team handle, which is why she finally took action, as it was important to speak out on the issue. In a statement shared to her Instagram story this morning, Rihanna started off by saying, “I’d like to thank the Muslim community for pointing out a huge oversight that was unintentionally offensive in our SavageXFenty show.”

More importantly, Rihanna added, “I would like to apologize to you for this honest, yet careless mistake. We understand that we have hurt many of our Muslim brothers and sisters, and I’m incredibly disheartened by this! I do not play with any kind of disrespect toward God or any religion and therefore the use of the song in our project was completely irresponsible!”. Rihanna finished out her apology by adding that moving forward, her team will “make sure nothing like this ever happens again.”

In another response a fan posted of their DMs, Rihanna appeared to have messaged a fan back who was deeply hurt by the song. She thanked the fan for reaching out and told them, “It’s been brought to our attention and we’re taking it out. I obviously had no clue. So I’m editing it out, but of course you can’t take it back, ya know? I just feel bad that I hurt people even though that was never my intention. The Muslim community is hurt by me right now, so that’s the sad part.”

While Rihanna’s team is working to remove the song from their SavageXFenty playlist, it is important that we hold each other accountable when witnessing offensive cultural appropriation. Most importantly, we need to continue to educate ourselves and others as much as possible, so speak out when you see something and keep sharing what you know to others who don’t.

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Taylor Swift Reveals Moving In With Joe Alwyn Inspired ‘Lover’




Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is giving fans even more insight into the romantic inspiration behind her album’s title track “Lover”, and you may wanna get the  tissues ready for this one…

We’ve basically gotten to witness Taylor Swift and her boyfriend Joe Alwyn’s love story unfold right before our very eyes, but as any Swiftie knows, Taylor has never been one to disclose exactly  WHO she sings her fairytale-esque songs about. She released her seventh studio album Lover back in 2019, which was a complete polar opposite vibe from her previous Reputation album… Naturally fans knew Taylor was feeling something much different than ever before.

Now, Taylor is opening up about the inspiration  behind the album’s title track “Lover” about two lovers who fall in love and start a life  together with their own traditions and memories. After “Lover” made it into the ‘10 Songs I  Wish I’d Written’ list at the 2020 Nashville Songwriter Awards, Taylor went into detail about  how she came about writing the heartfelt song, explaining that the inspiration came from “two people choosing to spend their life together” and  “making their own traditions.”

Although she stands true to her previous ways  by not actually name-dropping her boyfriend, Joe Alwyn, of almost four years, Taylor also  referenced her past heartbreak from failed relationships, and how your person chooses you  regardless of the pain you’ve endured in the past.

Taylor has previously admitted that her favorite line in the song is the bridge, which reads, “Ladies and gentlemen, will you please stand? / With every guitar string scar on my hand, I take this magnetic force  of a man to be my lover.”  She explained, “I really wanted the bridge to sound  like when people write their own vows and they kind of change certain traditional  parts to fit their relationships!”.

She also confirmed what many Swifties had assumed, in that “guitar string scars” doesn’t just mean that her hands are battered from strumming an acoustic guitar. “Obviously…I have a lot of guitar string scars on my hand from changing strings, tuning over the years, but  there’s also the symbolic part of it which is I’ve written a lot of songs about break ups about let downs, so you kind of hope that if somebody’s going  to choose you, they’re going to choose you along with all the hurt in the past and that you’re going to do the same for them.”

Alright, quick courtesy check-in just to make sure your tears aren’t consuming your eyes yet, and if you’ve already gone through a box of  tissues, feel free to pause and grab some more. Taylor continued to detail  the concept of the song, explaining that it’s about “two people who are  learning to live together for the first time, realizing you can make your own  traditions, stay up as late as you want, keep the Christmas lights up as long as you  want, you can let your friends stay over if  the night goes on too long… because this is  your life and your family that you are choosing.” Seriously, I was not prepared for all this emotion on a Tuesday…

Taylor also shared that she feels it’s  a “beautiful thing when people choose to spend their life together,” and that the song is  a “celebration of taking that very adult step of living with someone and deciding this is the path  forward for you, walking alongside somebody else.”

As many fans know, Taylor previously  spoke out about the song back in 2019 during NPR Music’s Tiny Desk Concert Series,  saying, “There’s a song that I wrote on the album that I knew as soon as I wrote  it, it was going to be the title track.” She added that this song magically came to her, “just middle of the night, I’m like, in my pjs, stumbling to the piano as I got this  idea and the song just happened really quickly.” 

Based on “Lover” and the rest  of the songs on the album, this time around is clearly different and we love to see Taylor on cloud 9 in her happiest state.

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Hailey Bieber Has No URGE To Get Pregnant?!?





In a new interview Hailey Bieber just opened up about everything from how she used to hate PDA to whether she and Justin Bieber are ready to have kids.

Monday, Hailey and Justin Bieber revealed their Vogue Italia cover and the photos are stunning! The text across the cover reads “my heart is where my wife is” which is fitting because Hailey and Justin just celebrated their one year wedding anniversary and two years since they officially tied the knot. And as beautiful as the photos on the cover are, inside the magazine, Hailey also opened up about her relationship with Justin and how it’s evolved over the years.

Hailey shared how she and Justin are now comfortable expressing their love for each other publicly and how Justin makes her feel “strong, sexy and tough.” But Hailey hasn’t always been as comfortable showing off her love with Justin to the world. She told Vogue Italia quote, “For a long time I couldn’t do it: I didn’t kiss him in public, I didn’t like the idea of people watching us at certain moments. But I realized that it is a battle that in the long run, instead of protecting you, exhausts you. The fact is, we love each other. And there is really nothing to hide.” Hailey went on and explained that “It was difficult for me to understand how to carry on a relationship like this, experienced under the eyes of everyone. But there comes a time when you have to embrace reality, and admit who you are.”

And from their cover shoot alone, it’s clear these two have come a long way when it comes to PDA and showing their love. Hailey explained that while many people don’t see her and Justin as adults, they actually have a very mature, healthy marriage. She said, “We are adults. Although many still see us as eternal teenagers, Justin in particular. Instead we are a married man and woman, committed, and comfortable with their sexuality. We are as individuals and consequently we are together. Our chemistry is born from these private and profound awareness.” 

And she also answered the question that’s been on the mind of fans since these two tied the knot. Hailey revealed if she and Justin are ready to take the next step and start a family. She said, “The strange thing is that I’ve always wanted to have children early, but now that I’m married, I feel less of an urge. I am an ambitious girl with many projects. It will happen, but not now.” And this isn’t the first time that they’ve mentioned they are in no rush to have kids. During a virtual PaleyFest LA discussion back in August, Justin echoed Hailey’s recent sentiment saying, “We’re still pretty newly married. I mean, we’ll celebrate two years in September. We’ve just been enjoying our time together and getting to know each other deeper.”

In the Vogue interview Hailey didn’t only talk about her relationship with Justin though. She also discussed some of her upcoming projects. She revealed that she’s working on a big beauty related project which she hopes will see the light within a couple years. Hailey also explained that she’s working on a documentary about the impact of social media on people’s mental health from bullying to anxiety and it is set to come out at some point next year. As for Justin, well she said, “A new record will be out soon. But don’t ask me when.”

We will definitely be keeping our eyes and ears out for that!

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Cameron Boyce Honored By Skai Jackson During ‘DWTS’ Performance!




Skai Jackson just paid tribute to her late friend and former co-star Cameron Boyce in the most beautiful way.

If you’ve been keeping up with Dancing With The Stars, you know that Skai Jackson has been doing better and better each week, especially Monday night. Earlier in the day yesterday, Skai tweeted that she would be dedicating her dance to Cameron Boyce.

Last year, Cameron, who had epilepsy, tragically passed away at age 20 after suffering a seizure in his sleep. And fans of Skai and Cameron’s know that the two starred alongside one another for years on their Disney Channel show Jessie. Before her dance, Skai opened up to her partner Alan Bersten about her friendship with Cameron.

She said, “He was in my life for half of my life, which is crazy. I met Cameron obviously on Jessie and we just really built this bond for years and years and years and he was kind of like a big brother figure to me you know and always looked out for me through everything. He really molded me into the person I am now.” Skai got emotional when talking about Cameron and revealed how important it was to her to dedicate a dance to him. She continued, “But yeah it just makes me a little bit sad of course, like he’s not here but I know that he would be really proud of me and I know that he loved Dancing With The Stars and he loved dancing and that’s why I am really excited to do this dance because it is for him.”

And Skai wasn’t the only one crying after her performance, she left me, the judges, and fans at home in tears. Skai and Alan performed a foxtrot to the tune of John Legend’s “Ordinary People” and she absolutely blew the judges away with her beautiful number. Skai and Alan earned the very first perfect 10 of this season and came out with an overall score of 28/30. I think it’s safe to say that Skai made Cameron proud. After her performance she took to Twitter and wrote “Just got off stage…I did my thing for Cameron tonight.”

And fans were quick to share their love and support. One person wrote, “He was definitely there with you tonight. such a beautiful dance he will always be proud of u!”. Another fan said “I’m so proud of you and I know Cameron would be as well. You were incredible, skai. Thank you for sharing your heart.” This person chimed in writing “u deserved the first 10 of the season. your dance was so beautiful & I know cams smile is beaming up there”. And this fan shared Skai and Alan’s tearful reactions to their scores writing “so so deserved, i’m beyond proud of them.”

And we couldn’t agree more. Skai’s tribute was absolutely beautiful and it’s clear how special her bond with Cameron was and still is. We will continue to watch Skai on her Dancing With The Stars journey and keep you guys posted because after last night’s performance we have a feeling she could win this whole thing!

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Millie Bobby Brown Almost QUIT Acting For This Reason!!





Millie Bobby Brown just revealed that she almost quit acting just before getting cast in Stranger Things thanks to a major rejection from Game Of Thrones. We all know now that Millie Bobby Brown is one of the most successful young actresses in the world, but that almost didn’t happen after “Game of Thrones” rejected her.

In a new interview with Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show, Millie Bobby Brown revealed that before Stranger Things, she was close to giving up on acting after receiving repeat rejections. Millie opened up about how tough Hollywood can be, especially for someone so young facing so many rejections. She said “This industry is just full of rejection 24/7”, she added, “I mean I feel like you do get far more…You get no’s, a lot of no’s before you get a yes”.

Millie went on and explained that for a while she was auditioning non stop for anything from guest starring roles to commercials, but then she landed a big audition with Game Of Thrones which she thought could be her big break. The character she auditioned for was Lyanna Mormont, who was on the show from Seasons 6 to 8 as the tiny but tough leader of Bear Island. We know now that Lyanna was ultimately played by Bella Ramsey, not Millie. 

Millie continued “I then auditioned for Game Of Thrones and I got a no for that and then that was like when I was like this is very difficult and I guess I really wanted that role”. She went on to explain that after getting rejected from this role, she was ready to call it quits when she did one more audition for a Netflix project called “Montauk”.

“Montauk” ultimately ended up being called “Stranger Things” and well, you know the rest. “We then named the show Stranger Things and that’s blah blah blah but you know Montauk was the one that gave me that hope of doing it all again.”

This is just another example of why you should never give up on your dreams, whether or not you know it at the time, these things happen for a reason! When the Game Of Thrones door closed for Millie, the Stranger Things door opened, and like she said, the rest is history. And since Stranger Things Millie has gone on to land other major roles in movies like Godzilla and most recently she starred alongside Henry Cavill in the latest rendition of the Sherlock Holmes story, “Enola Holmes,” which is also on Netflix. In her interview with Jimmy Fallon, Millie also did tease that Stranger Things is back in production for Season 4.

Millie revealed how excited she is to get to play Eleven again saying, “I can’t wait to get back to work, I missed playing Eleven so much… She’s always such a challenge to play. And it’s just been quite a while since I’ve been on set with my friends.”

And we’re also so excited that Stranger Things is back on set. The show faced multiple delays in production due to this year’s lockdowns which pushed the release date way back. It was originally supposed to come out this year, but now we’re hoping for an early 2021 release date since we know they’re filming again.

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Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson Throw ADORABLE Pumpkin Painting Party for Daughter True




Khloe Kardashian

Ball is officially here and on Saturday Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson brought in the new season by throwing a pumpkin party for their two-year-old daughter True.

True and her two-year-old cousin Chicago took the party to the next level by painting each other’s faces in this adorable video kim and kanye’s youngest son Psalm also joined in on the festivities with his big sister. Khloe summed up the fun by captioning the post, “family pumpkin carving day”. 

It seems like True and her cousins had a great day getting into the Halloween spirit.  A source told Entertainment Tonight in august that Khloe and tristan were officially back together saying “Things with Khloe and Tristan have been great, and the couple is taking this time in quarantine to really reconnect and enjoy one another”. All of this comes after Khloe and Tristan previously split in 2019 after tristan was caught in two separate cheating scandals, one just days before True’s birth in 2018 and the other with kylie jenner’s former bestie Jordan Woods.

The couple’s journey towards trying to rekindle their relationship has started playing out on the latest season of keeping up with the kardashians. And True’s pumpkin patch party is the latest evidence that things seem to be working out between the two.

In 2019 Khloe opened up to ET about how motherhood puts the hard times in life into perspective, she said “It’s just like no matter how tired you are, whatever you just it’s complete bliss and like no matter what and no matter just I mean christmas day I was so hungover and I was like how am I going to get through this day and just when you see your baby and how happy and like you just get through it and I was like okay if I could do anything I could do this and it’s just the best and just the love that you get that you also get to give and receive it’s just it’s beautiful”.

She added, “I think also motherhood just puts life into perspective and what’s important to you and and I still think people who don’t have kids there’s definitely there’s things that are important to them too because I felt that way but I think you just re-evaluate things like I don’t want to do that tonight and it’s okay to say no so I can spend time with my family”.

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Kim Kardashian Admits She Needs A BREAK From TV!




Kim Kardashian

Just on the heels of Keeping Up With The Kardashians coming to an end, Kim Kardashian reflects on the family’sdecision to cut ties with TV after 20 seasons. If you haven’t been watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians for the past almost 20 seasons, it’s pretty likely that you’ve still managed to “keep up” with them in some way, shape or form.

So it came as quite a surprise to many last month when the famous family announced that the show would be coming to an end after next year’s 20th season finale. Since then, many wild speculations have been cited as the cause of the cancellation, but while gracing the cover of Grazia magazine, donning her very own line of SKIMS Shapewear, Kim Kardashian gave more insight into the reason behind the family’s decision. She said, “This was a dream of all of ours. We never imagined we would get onto season two. Now we’re on twenty. Sometimes we just need a break. It’s really simple.”

Kim also claimed that the family’s hectic work schedules based around production of the show, including many spin-offs filmed in between the seasons were a major contributing factor to their decision to end the show. She said, “We just need a minute to regroup,” adding, “You know, we haven’t had a break for fourteen years. We’ve gone in filming a season, then a spin off and I think there’s no other way to say it other than, we just live such big lives.”

She also pointed out that almost everyone with the Kardashian name has gone on to start families, saying, “We have kids now. And they need us. There’s so much going on that, even just for a minute we need a break.” Despite the major change, Kim is trying to look at it with a much more positive outlook, saying, “Maybe we all needed a break. Maybe this was the reset? I try to look at it that way.”

Based on her comments, it doesn’t seem like the reality TV show saga has been completely closed for good, and we certainly won’t be seeing any less of the family as seen by their many business ventures and digital content. October also marks Kim’s 40th birthday month AND the launch of SKIMS in the UK, and what better way to kick off the festivities than to name her as the first-ever global cover star of Grazia. 

Alongside a series of cover photos for the mag, Kim shared the exciting news via Instagram stories, writing, “I’m so honored to be the first ever global cover star of GRAZIA. From the UK to Italy, the Middle East to India, I’m grateful to be able to bring @Skims to every woman, everywhere.” Prior to Kim’s interview with Grazia, rumors were circulating that her decision to leave the show had to do with her husband Kanye West and his public breakdown and recent Twitter tirades.

An inside source revealed to The Mirror that during the couple’s trip to the Dominican Republic back in August, Kim made the difficult decision to leave the show in order to save her “crumbling marriage.” The source also stated that Kim was fully behind the decision and delivered the news to the family after their stay in the Dominican, adding, “She made a vow to him to stop doing the show which he’s always hated as a part of their new marriage pact. Kim is adamant it’s the best decision for her marriage following a string of personal woes this year.” 

So this is likely not the case at all, and as Kim explained, it seems that everyone in the family had an equal say behind the decision to call it quits. But who are we kidding — we’ll probably always be keeping up with the Kardashians in in one way or another!

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SZA Responds To Dating Drake ‘Underage’!





SZA just responded to Drake’s recent claim that they dated and she set the record straight on the timeline of it all. Last week, 21 Savage and Metro Boomin dropped their new song Mr. Right Now and Drake is featured on the track. And while fans have been loving the song, they couldn’t help but notice a couple lines in Drake’s verse that stood out. He name dropped fellow artist SZA revealing they used to be romantically linked.

You probably know SZA from her hit songs like The Weekend, Love Galore, and All The Stars. Over the years she’s also earned nine Grammy nominations, a Golden Globe nomination, and an Academy Award nomination.So clearly fans were shook when Drake revealed he had a relationship with such a huge fellow star.

Drake raps “Yeah, said she wanna f*ck to some SZA, wait / ‘Cause I used to date SZA back in ’08” (bleep F word). Shortly after the song was released, People Magazine reported that fans caught that SZA had unfollowed Drake on Instagram, though Drake still follows her. While others pointed out that SZA who’s 29 now, could’ve been 17 at the time if she and Drake dated back in 2008 because her birthday isn’t until November.

But last night, SZA took to Twitter to clarify when she and Drake dated. She also made it clear that despite the reports of her unfollowing him, there’s no bad blood between her and Drake. SZA wrote, “So It was actually 2009 lol .. in this case a year of poetic rap license mattered lol I think he just innocently rhymed 08 with wait. Anybody who really knows me and was around during this time can confirm.. it’s all love all peace.” She went on in a second tweet writing “I just didn’t want anybody thinking anything underage or creepy was happening. Completely innocent. Lifetimes ago.”

And despite SZA saying that Drake probably just wanted to rhyme 08 with wait, if they really dated in 2009, fans couldn’t understand why Drake wouldn’t have just rhymed with 09. This fan tweeted their own updated version of the lyrics writing, “She wanna f to some SZA / She’s so fine but I used to date SZA back in 09 … Come on Drizzy!!!”

And this fan just wrote that Drake, “made himself look bad just for the rhyme.” While others were just disappointed that Drake aired their past for a song like this person who said “@sza shouldn’t have to explain her business to the rest of the world”. Others though were less focused on their dating history and timeline and now just want a SZA/ Drake collab like this person who wrote “Well….since you’re confirming the past relationship with Drake, you might as well give us SZA x Drake on a song.”

Who knows, maybe one day we will get a collab! But either way, at least SZA cleared the air on their relationship timeline and revealed there is no bad blood between her and Drake.

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Artists Who HATE Their Most Iconic Songs!





When we think back on some of the songs we’ve made lifelong memories to, it’s crazy to think that some of the artists that they belong to, actually can’t stand the sound of them to this day… wild, right?! Think of all those times our favorite classics like “I Kissed a Girl” or  “Party in the U.S.A.” have come on,  and you immediately get that feeling of nostalgia and recite every word as if it were 2009 all over again. Such a good feeling, right? For us, these hits are considered a blast from the past, but for artists who’ve sung them over and over again, they are sadly sometimes only considered a thing of the past. Seriously though, imagine if the first song that put Katy Perry on the map in 2008 was never even a thing.

“I Kissed a Girl” was Katy’s first of many risque tracks, but she previously revealed to Glamour that, if given the chance, she would like to rework it… and for pretty good reasons. She said, “We’ve really  changed, conversationally, in the past 10 years. We’ve come a long way. Bisexuality wasn’t as talked about back then, or any type of fluidity. If I had to write that song again, I probably would make an edit on it.” She went on to admit that, “Lyrically, it has a couple of stereotypes on it. Your mind changes so much in 10 years, and you grow so much. What’s true for you can evolve.”

Another pop princess who straight-up can’t stand the sound of her song “Telephone” is Lady Gaga, and I’m going to try my best not to be offended because, for one, the song includes Beyonce, and secondly, it’s certified pure pop perfection and still one of my all-time faves. Back in 2011, Gaga caught up with Time Out London, and revealed this shocking truth bomb, saying “I can’t even watch the ‘Telephone’ video, I hate it so much.” Her reason being: “There are so many f******  ideas in that video and all I see in that video is my brain throbbing with ideas and I wish I had edited myself a little bit more.” I mean say what you will Gaga, a lot of us LOVE it!

We haven’t heard much from Lorde in recent months, so if you feel the need to go and replay her first hit single “Royals”  – side note, I often do – her only advice would be that you replay every cover of the song, but the original version. While speaking to Fuse, Lorde admitted, “I listen to people covering the song and putting their own spin on it—and I listen to it in every single form except the original one I put out—and I realize that actually, it sounds horrible.”

Not sure what version Lorde was listening to, but that thought never ever crossed our minds. She continued to share her opinion on the song, saying, “It sounds like a ringtone from a 2006 Nokia. None of the melodies are cool or good. It’s disastrous. Awful… but for the same reason, in the context of the way I  released it, it just worked out.” And we’re so glad it did!

Throwing it all the way back to when This Is Us star Mandy Moore kicked off her music career in 1999 if you remember the upbeat bop “Candy,” featuring a bleach blonde Mandy and those epic pop dance moves, this one for you. But if you were hoping to hear a newer, 2020-esque version of the song, I regret to inform you that your chances are looking pretty slim to none. Looking back on her first two albums, Mandy revealed to Glamour, “Ugh, those were awful–just awful! If I had the money, I would give a refund to everyone who bought my first two albums.” I don’t know about you, but that is one refund we REFUSE to accept.

Like Katy Perry, Selena Gomez isn’t too fond of the song that kicked off her solo music career, but she did admit that it would be  “stupid not to acknowledge” her single “Come & Get It” for what it did for her. While chatting with Entertainment Weekly back in 2016, just three years after the song was released, Selena said, “I love [my producers] Stargate more than anything, but it’s very difficult for me to perform live. It’s not my song.” She went on to add, “To me, it sounds  like a Rihanna reject.

That was just in the beginning. I was so young. I was wanting a hit,” thinking, “‘I don’t know if I need a hit, but  maybe I do so people can respect me?’” All in all, Sel remains grateful for everything this song did for her and her career… and let’s be real: we’re still not changing the station when the song comes on.

We all have regrets in our lives, especially regrets in the form of cursing an ex’s name or subtweeting the person who did us wrong. In Taylor Swift’s case, her regret came in the form of a song she wrote back in 2010 called “Better Than Revenge,” reportedly taking aim at actress  Camilla Belle, who hooked up with Joe Jonas immediately after he broke up with Taylor. Coincidentally, Joe and Camilla met on the set of the Jonas Brothers “Lovebug” music video, when  Joe was still dating Taylor. During an interview with The Guardian four years later, Taylor recalled, “I was 18 when I wrote that. That’s the age you are when you think someone can actually take your boyfriend. Then you grow up and realize no one takes someone from you if they don’t want to leave.”

Above all else, you can’t help but feel some type of vengeful way when listening. Speaking of revenge songs, Paramore’s lead singer Hayley Williams has claimed that her claim to fame “Misery Business” just doesn’t do it for her anymore. Earlier this year, Hayley caught up with  Kerrang! Magazine where she revealed that she’s been unable to relate to the song for a very long time. She added, “Those words were written when I was 17… admittedly, from a very narrow-minded perspective. It wasn’t really meant to be this big philosophical statement about anything.

It was quite literally a page in my diary about a singular moment I experienced as a high schooler.” We undoubtedly felt ALL the feels in high school, from first loves to first heartbreak to friendships blossoming and falling out. But one song so many grew up to know and  love, especially in the younger school days, whether it was tied to a specific flame or not was Oasis’ “Wonderwall.” “You’re my Wonderwall.” It’s catchy, it’s a classic karaoke hit and it’s nostalgic as heck, BUT believe it or not, the band has many different thoughts about the 1995 smash hit song.

During an interview around the release of their 2008 album Dig Out Your Soul, lead singer Liam Gallagher responded to a question about the new album saying, “At least there’s no Wonderwall on there. I can’t f****** stand that f****** song. Every time I have to sing it I want to gag.” A little harsh, right? Liam went on to explain the issue with the song, adding, “Problem is, it was a big, big tune for us. You go to America and they’re like: ‘Are  you, Mr. Wonderwall?’ You want to chin someone.” Yeah, perhaps just stick to listening to this song strictly in private from now on.

And last, but most certainly not least, can you ever imagine living in a world without Miley Cyrus’ “Party in the U.S.A”? Or what about a world that never involved her swinging on a wrecking ball in her birthday suit? Let’s face it: These songs and music videos are ICONIC, but Miley admitted shortly after the song was released that the only reason she chose to sing it was because she needed something to go with her clothing line. She said, “I didn’t write it and I didn’t expect it to be popular, originally.

It was just something that I wanted to do and I needed some songs and it turned out for the best.” In fact, Miley admitted to never even listening to pop music, saying that her 13-year-old self would have definitely called out her 17-year-old self, calling her a ‘sellout.’ However, Miley did claim that there’s no way she couldn’t ‘love’ “Party In The U.S.A.” saying, “I would never take it back. But that’s not who I am, that’s not where I want to sing, that’s not what I want to sing, and that’s  not what I want my voice to sound like.”

And although she is anything BUT a sellout, Miley also talked about “Wrecking Ball” during an interview on the Zach Sang Show in 2017. When asked to choose between three of  her songs, Miley was quick to admit that “Wrecking Ball” was her least favorite, saying, “That’s something you can’t take away … swinging around naked on a wrecking ball lives forever.” She also added that her “worst nightmare” is having the song played at her funeral…  weird flex, but to each their own!

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Julianne Hough CRIES in New Video as She Works Toward ‘Full Reconciliation’ With Husband




Julianne Hough released the music video for ‘Transform’ amid news that she and estranged husband Brooks Laich are working on a ‘full reconciliation.’ A source tells ET the couple is committed to rebuilding their relationship after realizing they took each other for granted in the past. On Sunday, Julianne released the music video for her emotional single ‘Transform’ nearly a year after she filmed it. The singer explained that she previously planned to drop the video last year, but delayed it after she unexpectedly suffered ‘the most tragic loss’ of her life when her dogs died and felt she missed the window of opportunity.

Julianne Hough is fighting to make things work with her estranged hubby Brooks. A source tells ET that the couple who split in May is working on repairing their relationship, explaining “Julianne and Brooks both want to try to make things work. Friends closest to them see this time as very positive. They are hoping for a full reconciliation”. 

The source adds that they realize they had taken each other for granted in the past, but now after having heart-to-heart conversations, the pair is working on being open and respectful of each other and both seem to want to make it work. According to ET source one of the main challenges facing them right now is starting a family, Brooks is ready and Julianne isn’t quite there yet. She said during an interview “I go through waves, I’m like so into it and then I’m like, I’m good and he’s like, you’re like I’ll just be ready when you tell me”, Brooks continued “I’m just yeah basically I’m just along for the ride in this one yeah I don’t think either of us will really be ready, I think it’ll just have to happen”.

News of Julianne and Brooks relationship repair comes on the heels of the release of her music video for transform, the emotional and heartfelt single she released in september 2019. Although the single was released a year ago, Julianne explained in a lengthy Instagram caption why she delayed dropping the video till now, she explained “I was about to release this video when the most tragic loss of my life abruptly occurred, time passed and I felt I had missed my window to release this video”.

The tragic loss, the unexpected deaths of her two dogs Lexi and Harley. Jules continued in the post that she wrote the song during a highly transformative time in her life and called this year her most challenging yet. 

Jullianne said on her Instagram stories “there’s never a right time or anything, you just gotta do what you gotta do in the moment and have it come from like the most pure authentic and loving place and I am deciding that I am releasing this today, because why not”.

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Brad Pitt Calls On Angelina Jolie’s Friend To TESTIFY In Court!




Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt is reportedly planning on calling up one of Angelina Jolie’s former co-stars to testify in their ongoing custody trial. In case you’re like wow, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s divorce seems like it’s been in the works longer than their marriage even lasted… you’re right. Their divorce has been ongoing for the past four years and they were only technically married for two, despite being a couple for over a decade.

In September of 2016, Angelina filed for divorce from Brad, citing irreconcilable differences. Then, last year the court finally declared that the two were legally single even though the divorce papers haven’t been finalized. There are still some co-owned assets up in the air like their $67 million property in France along with the ongoing custody battle over their six children. The Brangelina divorce has been messy to say the least with court dates moving around all over the place. But they finally have their upcoming custody trial set for this month starting on October 5th and continuing through October 23rd. And Brad reportedly has a few ideas up his sleeve for these court hearings.

According to Us Weekly sources, Brad wants to call on a former co-star of Angelina’s to help him in his case. In case you forgot, their custody battle escalated after an alleged plane incident involving Brad and their son Maddox. Back in 2016, Brad had been cleared of all child abuse allegations by the Department of Child and Family Services, but the custody battle has ensued. While he plans to take the stand himself, now Brad apparently also wants Angelina’s Girl, Interrupted co-star Jillian Armenante to testify at his request.

Jillian is also known for her roles in Judging Amy, Fresh Off the Boat, Grey’s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Vice, and The Mayor. This new information about Brad wanting Jillian to testify was uncovered after Brad filed his 21 person witness list late last month. And interestingly enough, Jillian didn’t just star alongside Angelina in one film, they were also both in the 2007 movie A Mighty Heart. It’s unclear exactly why Brad wants Jillian to testify during their custody trial, but it’s possible she knows some private details about their relationship and parenting given that she has known the family since the 1990’s.

Entertainment Tonight is reporting that Jillian is expected to testify “regarding her interactions and communications with and observations of Angelia, Brad, and the children.” Additionally, on top of calling Jillian to the stand, Brad’s witness list also includes multiple psychologists, security consultants, and a therapist. Sources also revealed what some of the biggest issues are going into this trial. They said, “Brad wants 50/50 joint physical and legal custody and wants the family to be based in Los Angeles.”

While Angelina on the other hand doesn’t want the kids’ home base to be LA. The insider said “[She] will only agree to talk about an agreement if the home base for the children isn’t Los Angeles. The younger kids are in school in Los Angeles, which Angelina has always been opposed to.” And though their proposals differ, another source insisted that, “Angelina’s interests are the same as they always have been, which is to protect the kids and the health of the family. In the end, she is going to do what’s best for the children as she has done all along.” 

So hopefully they’re able to sort things out this month with this trial to get one step closer to finalizing their long, drawn out divorce. And as if things couldn’t get any more complicated, Brad Pitt’s rumored girlfriend has been posting some cryptic photos as the tensions between him and Angelina have continued to rise.

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‘Stranger Things’ Cast Reveals Season 4 SPOILER?!




Stranger Things 4

Millie Bobby Brown, Finn Wolfhard, and more from the Stranger Things cast just revealed they are back on set and teased  a potential Season 4 spoiler!

Alright, so if you’re a die hard Stranger Things fan, you’ve been anxiously awaiting  Season 4 for a long time now. Like most other shows, Stranger Things had to stop production back in March due to the COVID-19 pandemic. According to David Harbour AKA Hopper, the show was originally supposed to drop this year. We even got a sneak peak of the new season  earlier this year, again before the pandemic,   that revealed that Hopper is in fact alive! But with all the production setbacks fans started to worry that we wouldn’t even get to see Stranger Things season 4 in 2021.

As time has gone on though, more and more shows have headed back to set safely. For example, the Riverdale cast has been sharing photos and videos from set revealing that they are COVID tested 3 times  a week, standing six feet apart when possible, and the crew is all wearing full blown PPE. So we started to get some hope that Stranger Things could begin filming again, especially because back in June the Stranger Things writers teased that they had finished writing the season with this stack of scripts  writing “Stranger Things 4 : the complete season.”

And now, Millie Bobby Brown, Finn Wolfhard, Gaten Matarazzo, and more just announced that they are officially back on set! The cast members took to Instagram to share a photo of a clapperboard writing “Meanwhile in the Upside Down…” And this is a big deal not only because it means they are officially filming Stranger Things season 4, but also because their captions contain some  potential spoilers about the upcoming episodes.

In case you forgot, last season ended with Joyce closing the portal to the Upside Down and Eleven defeating the Mind  Flayer in an epic showdown. After everything went down and Hopper seemingly disappeared after the gate was closed, Joyce ended up deciding to move away from Hawkins, Indiana with Jonathan, Will, and Eleven. Then, the trailer that dropped earlier this year revealed that Hopper is likely “the American” we saw in the end credits out in Russia. And now, in a new post the cast shared, revealed that the Upside Down is likely still going to be a part of season 4.

Honestly, with Eleven moving  away, the gate being closed, and the Mind Flayer seemingly being  defeated, we weren’t sure if season 4 was going to take a completely new  direction away from the Upside Down. But now that we know they are back in this other  dimension, it leads us to the questions like does this mean Eleven will be able to get her  powers back and locate Hopper via the Upside Down? And what does that mean for the Mind Flayer, is it gone forever or is it still out there? We can imagine the Mind Flayer would be pretty upset about how things went down   at the end of season 3, so if any of it remains in either the Upside Down or the human realm, it’s safe to guess it will  also be a part of season 4.

And fans were quick to react to the  exciting news that the cast is back on set and people have already begun to share their season 4 theories. When one fan wrote “ARE YOU GUYS FILMING?!” and the official Stranger Things Twitter account coyly responded with a simple “hehe”. 

This person shared their detailed theories behind the new teaser writing “In this image there is a clock, hoppers note to eleven mentioned “turning back the clock” maybe this is literally a reference to that and they are turning back the clock, also, take 79? seems fairly unrealistic for amazing actors and billy’s car is 1979 Chevrolet, so is billy alive????”. Another fan noted that the 79 could also have to do with the year that the Russians returned from space. And this person just wrote what we’re  all thinking saying, “but what does it all mean?????” and Stranger Things replied again writing “great q.”

Ok now they’re just trolling us! And while we could spend all weekend  wondering what all these clues mean, at least we know now that they are  officially working on season 4.

They haven’t released a premiere date yet for it, but since they’re back on set here’s to hoping it’s early 2021! We will keep you guys posted if we hear anymore  about when the new season is expected to drop.

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Celebs REACT To President Trump Getting Covid-19




Donald Trump And his Wife

In a strange, and rather ironic, turn of events, President Trump revealed last night that he and First Lady Melania Trumptested positive for Coronavirus, and let’s just say the reactions were wild.

Thursday night, President Trump dropped a major truth bomb on the world, announcing via Twitter that he and his wife, Melania Trump had tested positive for Coronavirus. In a tweet prior to the announcement, Trump revealed that he and Melania were waiting for their test results after his communications director, Hope Hicks, tested positive, adding “In the meantime, we will begin our quarantine process!”.

Turns out, Trump’s team apparently got a little too close for comfort as he then announced that the test results had come in and, “Tonight, @FLOTUS and I tested positive for COVID-19. We will begin our quarantine and recovery process immediately. We will get through this TOGETHER!”.

Melania also issued a statement via Twitter, writing, “As too many Americans have done this year, @potus & I are quarantining at home after testing positive for COVID-19. We are feeling good & I have postponed all upcoming engagements. Please be sure you are staying safe & we will all get through this together.”

Trump and Melania’s diagnosis comes just days after he and presidential candidate Joe Biden’s first debate, which unsurprisingly had many people in MAJOR SUS mode and just as Trump does best, Hollywood also turned to Twitter to voice their strong opinions on the matter.

Bette Midler mirrored thoughts about the strange “timing”, writing, “Just learned that Hope Hicks tested positive for Covid. Timing’s so interesting. I guess Trump’s quarantining will mean no rallies, and no more debates. Convenient. It’s awful to always think the worst, but after four years of relentless lying? Can’t be helped. No trust left.”

Josh Gad tweeted, “Tonight is strange and surreal as it pretty much mirrors every other night of 2020. Bottom line: wear masks, get tested, stay six feet apart and remember that this virus can affect every one of us from the most powerful to the least. The one thing we have right now is science.”

Billy Eichner pointed out that Trump knew he was being exposed, saying, “He went to a fundraiser with his own supporters without a mask knowing he was exposed. I can’t get over it.” Todrick Hall also tweeted, “Coronavirus, stand back and stand by. – Karma 2020.”

And Piers Morgan didn’t hold back in airing his thoughts to the public “Interesting to see those who’ve spent the last few years screaming that Trump’s an uncaring, heartless empathy-devoid b*stard now spewing their gleeful joy that he & his wife have a deadly virus. They’re no better than the man they loathe.”

Comedian Chelsea Handler, who has never been one to shy away from her thoughts about Trump, tweeted a simple, “Blatant disregard for science and basic disregard for facts…leads to COVID.”

Tessa Thompson took this opportunity to issue another PSA, stating, “Reminder: wear a mask.” And since many questions were raised about the status of Trump’s opponent Joe Biden and his health, following the presidential, don’t worry, guys, Joe has since been tested and his results came back negative. Biden did, however, weigh in on the president’s diagnosis, tweeting, “Jill and I send our thoughts to President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump for a swift recovery. We will continue to pray for the health and safety of the president and his family ».

And comedian Paul Tompkins might’ve summed up the general consensus of what we’ve gathered, writing, “Wishing harm, sickness or death on someone, even a bad person, is petty & small. BUT: it is genuinely & extremely funny that Trump got COVID. It’s objectively funny. He downplayed it & mishandled it & thousands of people died. Now he has it. It’s funny!”

His words, not ours — but if we learned anything from Trump’s diagnosis, please guys, and I cannot stress this enough, the virus has not ended and will not end immediately after 2020 or the election, so PLEASE continue to wear a mask and keep social distancing for the well-being of not just you, but for everyone!!

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Shawn Mendes Explains Painfully AWKWARD Walk With Camila Cabello!




Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes

Shawn Mendes finally just explained that painfully awkward slow walking video of him and  Camila Cabello that went viral back in March.

Oh the simpler days of 2020… take yourself back to the beginning of the Q when we all thought we’d only be stuck at home for a couple weeks. We all know now that this was  wishful thinking given how the virus has continued to spread across the world. But back in March we were in the self  care days of quarantine doing face masks, baking banana bread, and going for  peaceful strolls out in our neighborhoods. And Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello, who were quarantining together, took part in some of those peaceful  strolls… but theirs caught the attention of fans because of  just how peaceful they seemed.

Seriously, these two were walking  at an uncomfortably slow pace. So much so that it had many wondering  what was going on with them leaving many people questioning if they were on  drugs. Fans were quick to wonder if this was some sort of publicity stunt so the couple could have photos taken of them.

But now, months later, Shawn finally cleared the air about what the heck was going on during this bizarrely-slow walk and explained  why they were going so slow. On SiriusXM’s The Morning Mash  Up he spoke about the video. He said “There’s this one video of Camila and I walking down the road really slow  like zombies from the ‘Walking Dead’.” Shawn further explained what was really  going on behind that slow, drawn out walk! “And everyone’s like, ‘What the heck is going on  with them? Are they on drugs?’ And I was like, it’s funny ’cause in that moment we were just,  pretty overwhelmed by the world. And we were like, ‘Oh, man. This is a really hard time.  This is scary for everyone.’ And you know, we were just like, ‘Let’s just walk slow  and kind of just meditate and be chill”.

Shawn continued on and explained that “It was this really peaceful moment between us, but it’s just so funny to see  that, watching that video back. We were dying, laughing because  we literally looked like zombies”. Shawn also spoke to Sirius XM about how the Q actually brought him and Camila closer together. He said, “It’s funny ’cause there was like a real time when she was doing her thing and then I was doing  my thing and we were together, but like, also working separately and the quarantine brought us together and now we’ve kind of become one, where we’re doing our thing. And it’s really  interesting how that dynamic changes.”

Camila is currently back in London filming  Cinderella, but Shawn explained that she was there for him every step of the way as he worked on his new album Wonder. His album is set to drop on December 4th, but the first single, also called Wonder, just dropped.

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How Meghan Markle Sparked Racial ‘Awakening’ in Prince Harry





Prince Harry and Meghan Markle open up in a rare interview with the ‘Evening Standard’ about the Black Lives Matter movement in honor of British Black History Month. The 36-year-old Duke of Sussex explains how Markle awakened him to issues affecting minorities, and how the couple is committed to enacting change.

“For me it’s awareness and its education and it’s teaching um you know I’ve had some I’ve had as an awakening as such of my own”. PRINCE HARRY

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are honoring british black history month by speaking out about the issues facing minorities in the united kingdom and around the world. Katie Nicholl said “Black lives matters is something that really resonates with both of them. I understand that this is going to be an area where we’re going to see the couple doing a lot more work and taking a lot more interest”.

In a rare interview with the british evening standard newspaper the couple makes a list of next generation trailblazers recognized for challenging prejudice and their positive contribution to british society. The 36 year old duke reveals he’s had an awakening to the issues facing minorities since first meeting his wife who is biracial. He said “I wasn’t aware of so many of the issues and so many problems with uh within the uk but also globally as well I thought I did, but I didn’t”.

The duke of sussex says that one of the biggest problems is a lack of representation but he adds that placing blame doesn’t help fix the issue, he explained “it’s not about pointing the finger, it’s not about blame and I’ll be the first person to say that this again isn’t about learning, learning what our part is in all this and how we can make it better”. Meghan Markel added “when you happen to look at some of the names that um the people from our list that we know some of the people that they suggested is really exciting so for example Missan had chosen someone who created the black curriculum and when you start just look at history books and what we’re taught to see it through a different lens at least see it through a diverse lens will help shape how children understand where they come from and then to know better where they’re going”.

Megan, who notes that she and Harry spoke with black lives matter co-founder Alicia Garza earlier this year is in support of peaceful protests supporting black equality. She said “when there’s just peaceful protest and when there’s the intention of just wanting unity and wanting the recognition of equality then that is a beautiful thing actually and so you know, while it has been challenging for a lot of people certainly and having to make this reckoning of historical significance that has gotten people to the place that they are that’s uncomfortable for people and we recognize that it’s uncomfortable for us”.

Historically members of the royal family don’t speak out on topics that are deemed to be political. But Harry and Megan stepped down as senior members of the royal family in late March and Harry acknowledges that the couple’s views “may seem controversial”. But he doesn’t seem to be afraid of speaking his mind. In fact Harry added that they reached out to Britain’s Got Talent judge Ashley Banjo who received complaints after his dance troops black lives matter themed performance earlier this month. In his performance, they say “as the world watched on, another black life gone, leaving what we thought we knew in tatters what we thought we knew, some clearly didn’t black lives matter”.

Prince Harry said about the performance : “we spoke to Ashley Banjo a few weeks ago and straight after the the uh the Britain’s Got Talent um situation and you know that in itself I’m sure even just me talking about it will become controversial but the reality is that you know he he and his and his team of guys put on the most amazing display”. 

In addition to speaking with the evening standard the couple also wrote an essay for the publication about the people they named on their trailblazers list “for as long as structural racism exists there will be generations of young people of color who do not start their lives with the same equality of opportunity as their white peers and for as long as that continues untapped potential will never get to be realized we cannot change history nor can we edit our past but we can define our future as one that is inclusive as one that is equal and one that is colorful”.

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Shawn Mendes Surprises Fans With New Music Details!





The newest musical era of Shawn Mendes is upon us as he revealed his plans to release his fourth studio album, along with even more exciting updates! It’s been quite awhile since we’ve heard any updates from Shawn Mendes, but that’s probably because he’s been putting in some serious WORK at the studio.

Last week, fans were gifted with a sweet surprise by Shawn, who posted a one-and-a-half minute teaser video to his Instagram featuring a snippet of the lead single off of his forthcoming album, called “Wonder”, and can we just take a second to appreciate these angelic vocals?! 

Shawn also posted a statement to Twitter with scribbled cursive writing, explaining his inspiration for writing the album to fans. He started out by saying, “I’ve missed you all so much! I know it’s been a really scary year for everyone so I’m sending buckets of love to all of you.” Shawn went on to describe the album, which is set to drop in December, writing that it “really feels like a piece of me has been written down on paper and recorded into a song. I tried to be as real and as honest as I’ve ever been. It’s a world and a journey and a dream and an album I’ve been wanting to make for a really long time.”

And if you haven’t caught on yet, it appears that the lead single accompanied by the music video snippet will also be called “Wonder”. This album also marks his fourth studio album, and the follow-up to his self-titled studio album, which was released back in 2018, so it was about time we received some new, exciting updates!

Naturally, fans went WILD after tuning into the music video teasers as #SM4ISCOMING began trending on social media. This led many to take a much deeper dive into the teaser as fans began screenshotting stills that hinted toward song titles, as well as a photo of what appears to be a setlist for ‘Wonder’ with Shawn’s previously-released single “Lost In Japan” as one of the tracks. Some also noticed a phone number written on the piece of paper, then when called, you’ll hear an automated message from Shawn that gives details about where to sign up for updates on all things ‘Wonder.’

Many have taken to social media to share their excitement about the new musical era, like one fan who shared a recent photo he posted, and joking, “Shawn Mendes’ back must hurt from carrying the whole music industry.” Another fan tweeted a simple, “Thank you Shawn, for saving 2020.” And perhaps Shawn’s biggest fan, Camila Cabello, also simultaneously shut down speculations of a breakup and shared a sweet tribute to her “love” via Instagram by reposting the clip of the “Wonder” music video. In her post, she wrote, “The world could use some magic, beauty, and Wonder always, but especially right now. @shawnmendes what a gorgeous gift to the world.” Camila went on to praise his work, adding, “He’s crafted this album with every last bit of his soul, his spirit, and his essence with the purest of intentions. My love, I’m so proud of the person you are and I’m so excited for people to see and hear your heart.”

Both Camila and Shawn strayed from social media earlier this year when it was reported that they were quarantining together in Miami after being called out for past racist behavior. Because they both haven’t been seen together as much as they previously were, fans suspected the two had called it quits. But seeing as Camila openly called Shawn “my love,” that was clearly not the case. 

Shawn’s album ‘Wonder’ drops on December 4th, but the single « Wonder », and the music video are already here. And we love it.

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